My name is Craig MacDonald, I’m a 21-year-old Journalist and Social Media Influencer from Calgary, Alberta.

I was born in Nova Scotia, Canada and raised in Trinidad & Tobago before moving to Calgary 8 years ago. Grew up active in sports such as highschool Volleyball, Cricket, Soccer, etc… but most dominantly in Baseball. I played AAA highschool Baseball and ended up going to play in college for two years at PBA (Prarie Baseball Academy) in Lethbridge. I am currently in school at SAIT for Journalism, a University in Calgary. I am currently a journalist and social media manager at 10 at 10 Calgary, my local Hip-Hop organization. I’ve been running Debating Hip-Hop by myself for a few years now, recently coming to a large number of followers. I’ve had countless interactions with rappers and other famous people, helping with my popularity. Hip-Hop isn’t my only interest as I’m huge into movies, tv-series, video games and a lot more. I spend my free time hanging out with friends, working out, travelling and adventuring. Recently went to Day N Vegas music festival to meet up with a long time Twitter friend and The Bachelor star DeMario Jackson for the weekend.