Drake shares new song “Search & Rescue” produced by BNYX, Sad Pony, 40, Lil Yachty, Wesley Curtis and BEAUTIFULMVN.

Written by Craig MacDonald owner of Debating Hip-Hop

Days after sharing the stage with J. Cole and a few months away from an arena tour, Drake surprised us with a new sound orchestrated by BNYX and Sad Pony.

Drake takes a relaxed, Lucki-type approach to this song. Switching from his laid-back flow to singing melodies seamlessly over the slow, dark instrumental.

He’s in his sad boy bag as you’ll soon realize when we breakdown some of these lyrics.

Drake starts off the song with the chorus, he admits that he wants someone to make money with him. But he also realizes that not many people are on his level, so they don’t necessarily need to be AS famous as him. Just your everyday struggle from a superstar millionaire:

Continuing with the Chorus, Drake knows he might be hard to deal with but wants someone to step up and pursue a serious relationship. A recurring theme throughout this entire song:

At the same time, referring to fellow hit maker Pitbull and his use of “dale”, especially after he posted this photo to his Instagram story a few weeks ago:

He’s essentially begging for someone to marry him this whole chorus, if you haven’t got that already. He really holds onto the “comeeeeee andddddd resssscueeee me.” and it’s already stuck in my head as I’m writing this:

He’s not trying to overdo anything with this song, it seems like it’s a perfect cut on an album. A slow, dark, mellow vibe that’s really nice to listen to with headphones.

It’s almost like Drake’s take on the new lo-fi underground sound, with his own personal spin on it. Drake is known to try many different genres and sub-genres throughout the years, whether is house music or UK drill, he puts everyone onto the mainstream scene.

Philadelphia native, BNYX has recently been working heavily with Yeat, seeing a lot of success earning Gold certificates and chart-topping hits from the past 3 albums. He’s also worked with Lil Uzi Vert, Ty Dolla $ign, Lancey Foux, Zack Fox, and many more.

A Drake placement is one of those things in the industry that everyone is working towards, making a song with someone that big and someone who’s a legend in the game already. His career is only getting started and I’m excited to hear him all over the rap game in the coming years.

The piano loop creates an early 2010’s IYRTITL-type vibe mixed with a very slow deep 808 and synth that emits an atmospheric experience. The team of producers behind this song knew the assignment and gave Drake all that he needed.

Many Twitter users complained about the mix of the song, and how it sounds like Drake’s vocals are unclear. But with the aesthetic he created, I think the distorted vocals are perfect for this type of song. 

Verse 1, Drake admits he doesn’t know how to communicate his feelings and tends to show his love through his bank account. A very subtle flex but when you’re as big as Drake relationships are probably hell to navigate. These are vulnerable bars from Drake, you can tell he really wanted to get this off his chest:

The Kim Kardashian audio clip is from their reality show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians” where Kim is talking to Kris Jenner about her divorce with Kanye in November of 2022.:

Petty? Instigating and playing with a person who’s going through a mental break? After everything that’s happened between them? All I know is, I’m waiting for the Kanye IG post any minute now. 

At 2:45, right before the second verse, the beat cuts out and comes back in with a new drumkit. A more short, hard-hitting 808 with different sounding hi-hats and snares. This small change gave an extra punch to the second verse compared to the rest of the song. Then following the second verse, the original 808 comes back for the ending chorus.

Verse 2, all I got from this was that Drake is tired of bitches hitting him up on some bullshit, and he just wants them to be bold and send him a thirst trap. 

Final thoughts: this is a great song, from the lyrics, to the melodies, to the production. Drake doesn’t even need to be making music anymore but he’s tapping into new sounds and new producers which is amazing to see. I’m expecting a new Drake project to drop before his tour starts on similar vibes as this. Hopefully we get to hear a new J. Cole collab after they were seen filming a music video early 2022 and just co-headlined Dreamville Fest.


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